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In June 2016 the Jewish Community Foundation began a partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation as part of the LIFE & LEGACY® program. As of April 2022, our community has secured 491 legacy gifts representing a value of $33,330,009 million. Originally, the program was intended to last through 2021. Due to the success, it has been extended through 2027!

What is LIFE & LEGACY®?

LIFE & LEGACY® is a partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that assists communities across North America, through partnerships with Jewish Federations and Foundations, to promote after-lifetime giving to benefit local Jewish day schools, synagogues, social service organizations and other Jewish entities. Through training, support and monetary incentives LIFE & LEGACY® motivates Jewish organizations to secure legacy gifts, steward donors and integrate legacy giving into the philanthropic culture of the Jewish community. The LIFE & LEGACY® program provides an opportunity for people of all financial means to make their mark on the future of our Jewish community by leaving a legacy gift. Most gifts are acquired after your lifetime, so you have the money you need now, and your beloved organization can plan on your involvement into perpetuity.

Why Participate?

In one way or another your life is rooted in experiences connecting you to the Jewish community. Chances are you already support Jewish charitable organizations in Palm Beach County, but have you included these organizations in your will or estate plan? By leaving a legacy, you can assure that the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you today will thrive in future generations.

By making a legacy commitment you can:

  • Convey your commitment to being Jewish
  • Express value instilled in you by your parents and grandparents
  • Perpetuate the Jewish traditions you cherish
  • Preserve the programs and organizations that support Jewish life in Palm Beach County

To learn more about ways that you can remember one or several of these organizations with a gift in your will, trust, retirement account or life insurance policy please call 561-242-6639 or email


All of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation, have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your dreams, lifestyle, family and financial needs. You can provide support for a particular organization or area of interest.

Leaving a legacy is simple. Some options include:

  • Gift in a will (bequest)
  • Gift of life insurance
  • Gift of IRA or retirement assets
  • Gift of cash or appreciated stock
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

Who Are the Local LIFE & LEGACY® Partners?

These Jewish organizations have made a commitment to work together to support the future of the Palm Beach community. Talk to any of them to learn more about ways you can support these organizations.

See your friends, neighbors and fellow congregants who have made a legacy commitment.

Click Here for a copy of the Letter of Intent

Click Here for a copy of the Gift Confirmation Form

Why I Am Assuring Jewish Tomorrows

Joel Yudenfreund and Paula Newmark

"We care deeply about the future of the Jewish community, and value the Federation's work in fostering young people's unique Jewish identities. We are proud to address this cause for generations to come by endowing our Annual Campaign gift to the Federation through the Jewish Community Foundation."
—Joel Yudenfreund & Dr. Paula Newmark

Sonya Baum

"I moved from California in 2012 and from the very first time I walked into Temple Judea I felt that I was home, with family. Having no children, and my immediate family living up north, this feeling of belonging was instrumental in making my transition to Florida fulfilling and joyous. I believe in taking care of one's family and just the same way that I am protecting my immediate family after my passing, I want to protect Temple Judea. I was able to set up a trust with an annuity which has allowed me to continue my lifestyle without depriving myself of things I might enjoy, but ensuring that the people I love and the temple that has meant so much to me, are both taken care of. Leaving a legacy makes me feel like I am leaving my family, my home, in a better place."
—Sonya Baum

Cindy Schlossberg

"One gift really changes so many lives. Allan and I feel so fortunate to be able to leave legacy gifts to perpetuate the future of the Palm Beach Jewish Community. I have elected to participate in the Federation Shared Premium Program, which has provided an opportunity to double my legacy gift."
—Cindy Schlossberg

Martin & Karen List

"Our parents were pioneers in the Palm Beaches and taught us about the dedication and commitment needed to create a thriving Jewish community like we have today. We’re proud to carry on their legacies and create our own strong foundations for our children and grandchildren."
—Martin & Karen List

Diane Herzog

"As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, I care deeply about strengthening Jewish identity in children, teens and young adults. With my Lion of Judah Endowment through Federation’s shared premium program, I feel empowered to continue our family’s legacy so future generations continue to have strong connections to Jewish life."
—Diane Herzog

Helen & Harold Bix

Throughout our lives, Judaism—our religion and heritage—has always been of central importance to us. We want to do what we can to help the Jewish community and its future…. We should all do what we can to help sustain all of us over the years.
—Helen & Harold Bix

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